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August 20, 2015
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August 20, 2015

Herm Sprenger

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Decades of experience, a great deal of market knowledge and the collaboration with professionals from the fields of sport, medicine and research establishes the basis for the development of Sprenger products which set international standards.

This is the reason why the patented CUROGAN alloy, which is the first metal that was developed especially for the production of dog collars, originated. Sprenger is the only manufacturer who has redeveloped this type of collar together with participants of dog sports.

In 2010 the ULTRA training collars were replaced with the ULTRA-PLUS training collars. With this new development Sprenger could finally differentiate itself from competitors. The NECK-TECH SPORT represents a viable alternative for the standard ULTRA-PLUS training collars. The NECK-TECH SPORT is sensational due to its excellent functionality and by its attractive design.

The latest innovation from SPRENGER is the ClicLock fastener which is made from stainless steel and established its place very quickly into our range of products.