Established in January 1998, Best Friend Doggy & Kitty Salon Cum Learning Centre is an establishment that gives emphasis into the responsibilities of pet care and canine education.

In 1999, we were featured in Paw Pals Magazine, on Sept 23, 2003 we conducted a public workshop for the Lifestyle and Lifeskills department for The Peoples’ Association, on Oct 15, 2000 we were featured in the Citizens Magazine, on Nov 18, 2000 again we conducted a public workshop for the Lifestyle and Lifeskills department for The Peoples’ Association, on Mar 17, 2001 we conducted a workshop for members of the SDS department for The Peoples’ Association, on Mar 24, 2001 we were featured on Goggles – SPH Mediaworks Channel i, we were featured in the Jul-Sept issue of 8 apples magazine, on Sept 23, 2001 again we conducted a public workshop for the Lifestyle and Lifeskills department for The Peoples’ Association, on Jan 12, 2002 we were featured on Mediaworks Channel 5 “Your Money”, on Feb 28, 2002, we were featured on The Straits Times under the captioned of “Advancement & Enrichment”, the article featured our grooming school. We began offering pet grooming classes for pet owners to learn the proper way of general maintenance for their pets since May 1999.

On August of 2001, we officially started a career course for people interested in coming into the pet industry as professional groomers.

As pet owners ourselves, we understands that pet owner take great pride in having a well-groomed pet. The professional groomers’ expertise includes careful inspection of the animals’ coat and skins, coat clipping, combing, brushing, nail trimming, ear and eyes maintenance and other aspects of hygiene and grooming aesthetics (fine art of cosmetology), all skills that must be taught by certified master groomers. Groomers also act as a go between the veterinarian and the owner. For example; in the recognition of any skin or health problems that needs immediate veterinarian care. The skills learned in the course will last a lifetime….

Pets are popular throughout the world and computers will never replace a career in professional grooming. Once the techniques have been learned and the groomer is experienced he/she may become self-employed, either by offering part time service at client’s home or opening their own grooming salons.

Career opportunities is endless within the industry, trained professional groomers can seek employment in veterinarians’ clinics, animal hospitals, grooming salons, pet-shops, boarding kennels etc.

Best Friends Doggy & Kitty Salon cum Learning Centre have design our facility with the most realistic learning environment. All our designs for our learning centre simulate actual grooming salon cum shop conditions, that will give trainees an experience that is impossible to duplicate in a classroom environment.

Being certified professional trainers and canine behaviorists, we are able to incorporate the “Art of Reading the Canine Body Language” into the program thus providing a well round canine education that is unparalleled to any found here in Singapore.

Prior to the start of our career program, we provide a "career consultation" that is absolutely free to new trainees at our learning centre, kindly call for an appointment.

Upon graduation, we would assist the trainees in a placement program with grooming salons or to assist them in setting up their operation.






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    26th - 27th March 2016

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